unity of a group or class that produces or is based upon shared goals, interests, or standards; unity or agreement of feeling or action; mutual support within a group.

What makes for a student government that embodies solidarity?

  • Partner with other campus groups to promote their initiatives or address current issues.
  • Act as an advocate for underrepresented groups, students, or other university members with university administration.
  • Raise awareness for a variety campus concerns, not only those related to student government operations.

Executive Board

  • Foster open communication and positive relations with other campus groups.
  • Encourage cross-group organization or activism.


  • Pass resolutions highlighting current events or advocating for particular issues.
  • Provide a discussion forum at senate meetings for students to voice concerns.

What has your student government done to embody solidarity?

  • ASGSCU: We worked with the multicultural, community action organizations, and faculty members on campus to create a student forum to discuss changes that occurred to the women’s healthcare plan provided by the university. The issue was a hot topic for several months.

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