the skill, good judgement, and polite behavior that is expected of a person who has been trained to do a job well; the confidence, skill, or efficiency expected of a professional.

What makes for a professional student government?

  • Clearly stated performance expectations, tools for evaluation, and consequences for underperformance.
  • Preparation for all meetings and events, including reading any materials beforehand and formulating questions or concerns.
  • Address student concerns, email conversations, and requests in a timely manner.

Executive Board

  • Maintain professionalism, even when it is not reciprocated.
  • Address conflict quickly and by addressing the individual or individuals involved directly.


  • Welcome guests at meetings and provide undivided attention to their presentations.
  • Speak respectfully and responsibly, without profanity or sarcasm.

What has your student government done to embody professionalism?

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