A promise to do or give something, to be loyal to something or someone. The attitude of someone who works very hard to accomplish something or support a cause, organization, or issue.

What makes a committed student government?

  • Set clear goal and objectives.
  • Outline a time frame for accomplishments and projects.
  • Pursue difficult projects to their completion.
  • Provide additional resources and opportunities to groups whose requests cannot be fulfilled.

Executive Board

  • Facilitate goal setting for student government as a whole.
  • Monitor the progress of the organization’s objective achievement.
  • Maintain an awareness of your positions responsibilities throughout the year.


  • Attend student government events outside your typical purview.
  • Reach out to constituents on social media, at events, and on campus.
  • Publicly post your goals, initiatives, plan for implementation, and your progress toward accomplishment.

What has your student government done to embody commitment?


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