Doubts and Decisions

Leah is a freshman member of her student government, and applied for a position for her sophomore year. Leah absolutely loved her year on student government, and wanted to stay involved in the organization. She applied to be the Director of Leadership Development, the Director of Community Service, and the Director of Women’s Affairs. Leah is passionate about all three areas, thinks she could create meaningful initiatives and programs for each topic, and knows the positions would look great on her resume. The companies Leah wants to work for look for diverse experiences just like these.

After the elections, she interviewed with the President and Vice President, and was offered a position as Director of Marketing. As a graphic design major, Leah spends a lot of time on marketing related projects, and she had wanted to explore other areas in her work on student government. She doesn’t feel particularly connected to the position, but the President and Vice President tell her she is the best person for the job. They believe student government needs better marketing, and think she can contribute a lot to the organization in that area. Leah is passionate about student government, and wants to do what’s best for the organization, but she wonders if positions in other organizations would offer her the opportunity for greater growth. Leah feels very little enthusiasm for the marketing position, and wonders if a more passionate person would be a better fit. One of Leah’s closest friends had desperately wanted the marketing position, and would give it her all. Leah knows that her friend will be upset if she takes the position, because Leah told her friend she didn’t want it. Leah does want to run for President someday though, and knows that continuous service in the organization would give her a leg up.

What would you do in Leah’s position? Would you take a position you care less for, in order to benefit the organization? Do you think someone who is more passionate will do a better job? How do you choose between personal development and loyalty to an organization?

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