Ethics Cases

Ethics cases provide an excellent opportunity to explore the various ethical challenges you may face in student government positions. Used as a 10 minute icebreaker at an executive meeting or a discussion activity at the end of student senate, these brief cases outline serious ethical dilemmas faced by student government leaders and can help you make a concern for ethics a more prominent part of your organization.

This site provides 25 Ethics Cases on a variety of topics, listed below and in the menu bar:

1. Accountability and Understanding

2. Building a Cabinet

3. Campaign Ethics

4. Campaign Spending

5. Caught in the Middle

6. Collaboration or Conflict?

7. Committee Conflicts

8. Communication Breakdown

9. Confidentiality/Transparency

10. Conflict of Interest

11. Delegation

12. Doubts and Decisions

13. Early Graduation

14. Freedom of the Press

15. Friendly Recruiting

16. Friends and Funding

17. Gatekeeping

18. Insider Information

19. Organizational Development

20. Perks of the Job

21. Social Media Struggle

22. Student or Student Leader

23. Unfair Funding

24. Vote “No”

25. Waitlists and VIPs

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